2012 Predictions

Well, another year has passed. Like 2010, none of my 2011 Predictions came to fruition. One of these days, I’ll get one right. 😉

Here are my predictions for 2012:

1. NASA’s next rover Curiosity will become self-aware before reaching Mars and discover it has a knack for puns and knock knock jokes, much to the chagrin of scientists.

2. The Apple TV will be released, however, all programming must meet Apple’s rigorous media guidelines and be delivered through their new Media Store.

3. The U.S. will hold a second election in December 2012 after no one is satisfied with the results of the November election.

4. The sun will finally shine in that place where it doesn’t.

5. Camel racing will be introduced at the 2012 summer olympic games in London.

6. Iran will figure out how to fully control the drone they captured, only to have it destroyed on take-off by the Stuxnet virus.

7. To go with pizza as a vegetable, the U.S. Congress will declare beer a serving of grains.

8. Ignoring complaints by Canadians, Canada will officially be named the 51st state.

9. Someone will invent a tape dispenser that only requires one hand to use.

10. Peter Jackson will begin post Hobbit work on King Kong 2.

I sure hope number 9 happens.

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “2012 Predictions

  • Ian Chai

    I actually have used a #9 before! It was a heavy dispenser, heavy enough that with one hand you could grab the tape and pull it across the cutting edge and get a nice piece of tape the right size for taping whatever you wanted to tape!

  • hsoi

    I know the type of dispenser Ian is talking about. Good old days. I also think they make models that strap onto the wrist and dispense cut sizes of tape. So, that’s one hand and one wrist. Of course, there’s also those big package tape roller things… that’s one handed.

    As for other things…

    2. You joke….

    3. Doesn’t matter. The Mayans said we’re all dead anyways. Or, maybe they actually predicted the results of the election and that’s what they meant.

    5. Awesome.

    7. You mean beer isn’t?

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