This blog seems to average 20-30 visitors [hits] each day.  It’s interesting how posts take on a life of their own once they are out there.  Because I wrote a post called “Becoming a Neutered Christian” someone found their way here with search terms about castration.  I had to laugh, though in some sense it’s not funny at all.  Mostly people come here searching for information about the Holy Spirit or why God allows suffering.  Both are mysterious.  These brief connections with strangers mean something to me.  Even more valuable are the real life connections.

The people that are really there for you show up when you put out a distress call.  I’ve been in personal distress.  It feels like falling down a well.  The faces at the top tossing me a rope are the same people who have been there in the past for me.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t make it alone.  I thank God for those faces.  Thank you Lord for Bill, John, Erik, Sean, Ian, and others.

I try to be very open and honest.  It’s all I’ve got.  Searching around the inter-tubes I don’t see many Christian writers that inspire me.  Mostly, what I see just seems like marketing.  I’d rather take a subject and inject into it what we really think about such things, not just what we’re supposed to think.  I find inspiration primarily in Christian music.  It’s more true to the heart.  Musicians such as Peter Furler, Michael W. Smith, Bryan Duncan, Randy Stonehill, Jeremy Camp, Benny Hester, Britt Nicole, and Switchfoot put themselves out there.

The grace God gives is lifeblood. Without it we wither and die.  If you find it, hold onto it.


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