Good Enough

Tomorrow Apple will introduce the iPad 2.  Today we speculate.  Whatever the rabbit looks like, we all want to see what comes out of the hat.  We know somehow, some way, it’s going to make what we presently have feel old.  Having spent a lot of money buying their previous cool gadgets, we want to say, “Man, when will what we already have finally be good enough?” Well… that’s up to you.  But Apple is never going to say when.

Technology can wear you out keeping up with it.  The trick is to stop thinking of it as a commodity and start thinking of it as an art form.  That’s how Apple thinks of it and it’s how they keep getting us to go out and plunk down our hard earned cash for their next big thing. Can you imagine if no new movies came out next year because what we have is already good enough?  No new music?  No new art? Heck, we’ve been making art longer than we’ve been making computers.  And there have been some genuine masters.  Isn’t what we have good enough? 😉

If you wait long enough, technology will advance far enough around you to obsolete what you already have. Incompatibilities and limitations will force you to update, or you’ll end up cut-off, technologically speaking.  Apple is not interested in waiting for you to get to that point before you come to their party.  To do what they do, they have to give you a compelling reason to upgrade every time they ship.  It’s a hard goal, but they do it.

It would be nice if more companies had Apple’s spark.  Art is a mystery though.  We’re lucky if we see a few really good original works a year that stand out from the crowd.  In the age of the Internet we are pummeled with new information and things to see every day, but it’s mostly just noise.  It’s like hearing a million voices singing the same notes.   It reminds me of something John Lennon said in response to a question about whose music he liked to listen to.  He said he mostly listened to his own stuff because that was what he was working on.  He focused more on creating than reacting.

So, here’s to new art! (-:


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