New Day

New Year’s Day seems like the most boring day of the year to me.  Most everything is closed.  There’s no where to go and nothing to do.  Lot’s of people need the day just to recover from New Year’s Eve reveling. But there is one thing that is special about it.  We like that line of demarcation that says this is a new year, a new day, yesterday is gone, today is fresh like a spring flower.

So I guess its good to have a quiet day for contemplation.  What did I learn this past year?  How can I do better this year?  What events will happen this year?  What will it mean to my family?  Where will we go? What will we see?  Where do we want to go?   What do we want to see? How will things change? How will they stay the same?

The best laid plans go astray.  It’s still better to have them than to not.  “Cast your bread on the water, and after many days it will return to you” as scripture says.  Unless your desire is to be aimless, who starts a journey without planning and directions?  What will happen along the way, who can say, but either way, another year lies in front of us and it will take us somewhere.

Praise God for his grace through yesterday, today, and beyond.


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