I Know Now What I Didn’t Know Then

I flunked Geometry in high school.  It would have helped if I’d ever opened the book, but I rejected it like a replacement organ.  I could have easily passed it if I’d applied myself, but I hated it so much I just plugged my ears, closed my eyes, and gave it a pass.   How ironic that almost 25 years later I suddenly need to know something about geometry!

That’s the suckitude of neglect.  I have since learned that every little seemingly useless esoteric tidbit of information we learn plugs in somewhere, even if it’s just one day out of the blue when someone asks you, “I wonder how high that tree is?” 🙂

I’m starting a journey into the wild world of graphics programming, beginning with digesting a coding framework called cocos2d for the iPhone and iPad.  cocos2d is useful for writing games and other graphical applications.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

As a coder, my specialty has always been utilities.  I wrote a couple trivial graphical applications years ago, like a freeware game called Josh’s Apple Game for the Classic Mac OS.  Everything else I’ve written has always been practical; utile.  I’m looking forward to writing something goofy and fun!

Time to work on those math skills I missed.  This time, I’m thankful for the privilege to learn them.


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