Iteration is at the heart of all great design. Iteration means you don’t just do it right.  You do it right and then you do it again, only better.  And you keep repeating that process until good becomes great.  “Good enough” isn’t.

A good software engineer would iterate over a feature indefinitely if allowed.  Unfortunately, product managers prefer that we ship once in awhile. (-;  Still, before a customer ever sees a new feature it goes through many lives.  Each pass is followed by the question, “But how can I make it better?”  The truth is you can always improve on even your best effort because it is only your best to that point in time.  There is nothing that can’t be improved.  That’s why there is always a 2.0.  Apple stands out from the pack because they iterate more than anyone else.

I’m a firm believer that nothing is more special than you choose to make it.  If you choose to rest at ordinary, than that’s what you’ll get.  You have to make a moment significant.  It’s a choice.  Ceremony and ritual spring from the desire to demarcate and elevate important things so that they stand out amongst the tide.  It takes effort to make a moment count.

I’m about to meet someone for the first time that I have already developed quite a bond with.  I keep thinking about the words of a close friend.  In relation to his wife and kids and the life he has, he says he wakes up every morning and says to himself, “Don’t (blank) this up, Daub!”  …Don’t blank this up, Eric.

I relish the important moment to come.  I choose not to rest on good enough.  I will treat that moment with the greatness it deserves, and then the moment after that, and the moment after that.  Life is more important than software, and I’ve dedicated blood, sweat, and tears to software.  If I blank this up, it will not be for lack of trying.

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