My Mom Plays WoW

My Mom is a devout Christian woman in her late 60’s.  She has a degree in church music.  I once had a beer can collection that I loved which she paid me to destroy.  For the longest time, she wouldn’t touch Harry Potter out of concern for its witchcraft content.  This woman and my even older aunt spend most of their spare time playing World of Warcraft!

Ah.. how things change.  Thirty years ago when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, and the media was full of stories of obsessed college students destroying themselves playing D&D, causing mass parental hysteria, I never would have imagined that one day my Mom would be a level 80 Paladin.  And oh yeah, she loves Harry Potter now too.

So how did this transformation occur?

Fear of the unknown gave way when she tried it.  She discovered she could play without compromising her values.  Her sister was already playing WoW.  She tried it because she wanted something to do and she needed to socialize.  She found that it didn’t threaten her faith after all.  As for Harry Potter… I encouraged her to separate fiction from fact and enjoy it. She watched one and got hooked.

Who says old hounds can’t learn new tricks?  I’ll tell you one thing, it’s been great for her.  Her mind is engaged and sharpened.  Plus, I can’t stop laughing about it!


2 responses to “My Mom Plays WoW

  • Ian Chai

    Haha, that’s great!

    Yeah, I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, too. While there may be other moral issues, I don’t see any issue with the magic if you are OK with JRR Tolkien. The magicin Harry Potter is totally mechanistic just like JRR Tolkien’s.

    WOW can be just as addictive a time-waster as D&D ジ
    (Or for that matter, reading Science Fiction, which I have sometimes stayed up too late doing ジ )

    • climbingupblog

      Hi Ian,

      Good to hear from you. (-:

      I’ve played a Might and Magic game or two, but haven’t played WoW myself. I just don’t have the time these days. I am glad my Mom is enjoying herself.

      Late night reading is probably more mind expanding. (-:


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