Mystery In Question

For two weeks now I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time imitating Scooby-Doo.  My little one loves to pal around with the Scoobster.  This mostly consists of me saying, “Roobie Roobie Rooooooo!”  “Raggy!” And doing the Scooby laugh. She’s suddenly become a big fan of Mystery Inc..  I’m a big fan of mystery too.

As a kid, if my parent’s left anything unsecured before Christmas, I was on the scent.  I wanted my presents now!  December always seemed to move like an iceberg.  A couple days before the big day I’d start to go nuts and nag my Mom non-stop to “let me open one!”  The suspense was killing me.

As an adult, I’ve realized something.  I like the wait.  I still stink at it, but I like the anticipation.  After the gifts are all open, the mystery is revealed.  There’s no more imagining what might be in those packages.  No more teasing my kids,  asserting crazy things that might be under the tree.  All the surprises are revealed.

Mystery makes you think.  You can’t take it for granted.  I think everyone should keep a mystery in their pockets, a riddle to be solved, a discovery to be found.  It’s part of the magic of life.  It’s a joy to be tantalized and intrigued. (-:

There is no end to the mystery of God.  Infinite in every respect, we have much to look forward to in Him.


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