I choked on my Diet Pepsi  when  I read the email.  See, I posted my résumé online a couple of months ago, because I felt like financially I needed to move up, and professionally I needed new challenges.  Then things changed with my current employer shortly after that, so I haven’t been actively seeking a new position.  Recruiters still send me email though.  My résumé is out there, kind of like an untended fishing line in the water.  You don’t expect megalodon to show up and tug on the line.

A very large company with an extremely well-known product sent an email to me saying they thought I might be a good fit to join their product management team.  Whoa!  I’m an engineer, code monkey if you will, for a small company.  I’ve never managed a product.  This product is huge.  I felt like a commuter airline pilot being offered a chance to fly an F-18!

Well, here’s what happens when someone dangles a giant carrot in front of you… Even if you’re not qualiied, you think, “Hmmm… maybe!”  (As you peek around to see if maybe they were talking to someone behind you.)

Ah.  Well, it’s flattering just to be nominated, as they say.  This was cool.  Wish I was the right fit.  But, I know myself.  I’m a code monkey.  I just can’t stand the thought of not coding.  I’m probably also too introverted to manage people.  And I have no interest in marketing.  I do like to hammer the competition though.

So, I’m tossing megalodon back.  It’s a weird feeling, like rejecting a suitcase full of money. “No, thanks!  I’m good!”  Weird.


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