I’m a Mac software engineer.  I always include Mac in that description because it says something about who I am.  Mac engineers are deeply influenced by Apple’s ideals.  They tend to be free spirited creative types, and to some extent dreamers.  Not all of course.  Some are just flat out dweebs.  But the good ones share, at one level or another, qualities that reflect these traits.

In my experience, Windows engineers and non-native cross platform engineers are a little more towards the nuts a bolts side of engineering.  Not all, of course, but let’s just say that engineers tend to take on some of the attributes of the platforms they develop for.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I’m not a Mac lunatic.  I respect and admire quality software guys whatever the platform.  I’m just talking about a subtle difference in viewpoint.

Whether a Mac engineer, Windows, Linux, Android… I don’t care, I love being around them.  In some way, I feel comfortable and at home.  There’s a fellowship of logic. (-:

When you fight with code every day, you get used to the brutal and exacting logic of the machine.  It doesn’t care what you meant in your code.  It does precisely what you tell it.  And there a gazillion things to account for in modern software product.  It’s a taxing relationship with serious rewards.  It exercises the mind like an Iron Man competition.  So software guys possess a sense of reasoning that normal people find, well… complicated.  It’s therapeutic to have social time together.  We can understand each other and challenge each other in very unique ways.  And no one is threatened by the flood of thoughts.

This week my company is having an engineering summit meeting.  Guys from all over the U.S. and even outside the country are coming in.  I’m so looking forward to the camaraderie.


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