Alive and Well

Yes, it’s been some time since I posted to this blog.  I’ve been through an interesting time.  I’m happy to report that God is indeed good.  A perfect storm of trouble has come and gone.

I’ve spent a couple of months just getting my heart rate back to a normal rhythm.  So much has happened.

Instead of bankruptcy, I have my house and no other debts.

Instead of having to yank my daughter out of her Christian high school for her senior year, after many years of Christian education, she will get to finish where she started.

Instead of being forced out of my family, the person causing the trouble had to leave.

My kids are all doing well.  I’m doing well.

If you saw what I went through this last year, you have to smile now.  What an amazing thing God has done for me.  I praise him with my whole heart.

I’m learning to be content and praying I don’t screw things up.  I have to take assurance from what God has done.  It reminds me he’s faithful and can be trusted.

I remember this old R.E.O. song called, “Riding the Storm Out.”  I’m not sure if they were the first to record it, but I liked their live rock version.  Kind of feels like my tune now, in its own way. By God’s grace, I’m not “missing a thing.”

Here’s an unplugged version they did.  Nice.


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