Futurama: Yivo




2 responses to “Futurama: Yivo

  • Ian Chai

    Yeah, I understood the joke after all that explanation… but yeah, it wasn’t funny anymore.

    Don’t despair… I am one of the rare people in the world who know both the Malay and German languages… every so often I think of a pun which I cannot share with anyone! 🙂 (OK, I do know one other person who knows both languages, but I seldom see him and the occasion for the pun would have passed.)

    “The more languages you know, the more puns you can make… but the fewer people can understand them.” — Ian Chai

    • climbingupblog

      Well it is possibly the most over explained joke in history. 🙂

      > The more languages you know…

      At least you can make yourself giggle.

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