On the Precipice: Follow-Up 2

This is follow-up 2 to this post: https://climbingupblog.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/on-the-precipice/.

When I wrote the original post, I wasn’t kidding about being on the edge and about to fall off.  I wrote another post on my personal financial nightmare.  I’ve been spiraling down into a financial abyss for about 7 months.  I had no concept of what to do about it.  Up until about a month ago, I was caught in the avalanche and couldn’t tell what direction was up.

I can’t talk about the details much, except to say that amazing things happened.  Things I never expected.  I was just trying to come up with a plan to keep from going bankrupt.  God sent a finance guy with firsthand knowledge of coping with the situation I’m in.  He had ideas.  It was eye-opening.  The next thing was getting it through mediation.  It seemed very rational and positive to me, but I honestly had no idea if rationality was in play.  Well, much to my surprise and relief, the proposal was accepted.

Now I am looking at a manageable financial future that guarantees my daughter’s schooling, consolidates all the debt, and allows me to keep my home.  I’m blown away.  I still have to qualify for the loan, so it’s not a done deal, but there’s light coming from the end of the tunnel.  Praise God!

I am also thrilled that God is working powerfully to help a family member in poverty.  That is still in motion, but looks to be life-changing.

My friend who is estranged from his kids is still struggling.  I continue to pray for him.

One family I know is making ends meet and hasn’t lost their home.  Others I mentioned remain in dire circumstances.


5 responses to “On the Precipice: Follow-Up 2

  • millionmilejourney

    Hi Eric, I found your post interesting for several reasons. We have been receiving many requests for prayer lately. Last week we had both a missionary and a pastor ask for prayer because their wives left them and their children. One of the places that Satan is attacking is the home and family.

    I relate to your reaction to Job. I must admit I would rather tear the book out of Bible than think about losing everything. Do you remember Satan’s goal was to get Job to curse God and then die apart from God. Believe it or not there is a spiritual war going on. Satan is bent on destruction but his time is running out. For the believer he can never come between us and love of God. He can never destroy those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Read 1 Peter 5:6-11 “Cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares.” verse 7

    I noticed something special in your blog. You do not only mention your problems but you talk about your concern for others. This is one of the keys to overcoming the troubles that stand before you. When you earnestly pray for others your eyes move from you to God. This is the correct posture when we pray. God already knows your needs. If you notice Christ commanded to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor.

    May God fill you with assurance and peace.

    Ken & Maggie
    “Going before God on behalf of others”

    • climbingupblog

      Thank you your encouragement.

      God has been gracious to me. I’ve probably aged 5 years in 7 months, but Lord willing, this year will be brighter.

      I am concerned for many people. Things are very hard for many people. Anxiety is a killer. No matter what you tell yourself, your body knows how you feel in your heart. I think it takes a hard choice to believe in God’s word and character, despite whatever craziness you are facing or feeling, to overcome this world.

      May God look with pleasure on your kindness and prayers.


      • Ken and Maggie

        Eric, I have a friend in Malaysia who is what they call a senior lecturer in computer engineering at one of the major universities. We would call him a professor here. Ian is a strong Christian he too has been struggling. If you send me your email I will send you his. I think you would enjoy corresponding.


      • climbingupblog

        I would be happy to correspond with Ian. Send him the link to this blog. See how interested he is.

  • Ian

    Hi, Eric. This is Ian. I got saved in 1979 and in 1990 I was getting ready to change churches due to changing circumstances and distance and the pastor of my original church asked me to prepare a short testimony to explain why I was leaving the church although on good terms.

    As a result of that impetus, I ended up going over my life since I had become a Christian and was immensely encouraged to see Romans 8:28 at work in my life. I am one of those people who “never” hear from God directly. The only way I “hear” from God is by reading the Bible; I “never” get those “promptings” or voices. So it was immensely encouraging to see that although I didn’t consciously hear from God, God had indeed been directing my life.

    Then in 1991 I went through a disaster with my Ph.D. programme due to political infighting in the department of Computer Science. But those 2 years ended up being a really wonderful time of spiritual growth. So the 2 years “wasted” academically were actually part of God’s Romans 8:28 plan for me, and built my confidence in God’s good will towards me.

    Then in 1995 I went through another “disaster” when I fell in love with a girl of another race, and the church we were in was fully supportive, and we actually got engaged, but my mother objected strenuously and even flew half way around the world to harrass us, and eventually the girl broke it off. But all through that storm I knew that God was in control.

    The analogy that came to mind was this: if you’re caught in a major storm in a little rowboat, you’re in trouble. But if you’re caught in a major storm on an oil rig that is anchored to the bedrock, you’ll get wet and it’ll be harrowing, but after the storm, you’ll still be there.

    My story doesn’t end here, and I have more to say, but not publicly on a blog like this, so if you send me an email directly I can write more.

    Note however that my laptop is on the blink so on Monday I plan to call Dell to get it fixed, and so I have to rely on other computers to read my email so there could be delays.

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