And so this is Christmas Eve…

My family has traditionally celebrated Christmas Eve with the fervor of Christmas morning.  We have a nice dinner, attend a church service, come home and open presents, drink egg nog, and have a good time.  Santa doesn’t feature in our holiday much.  I’m not fanatical about that, it’s just not our tradition.  The significance of the birth of Christ takes center stage.  Christmas Day we celebrate that joyful event.  Christmas Eve we celebrate giving to one another in the spirit of the season.  I’ve wondered as my kids have gotten older if they feel they missed anything not being taught to believe in Santa when they were little.  They are both emphatic about that: They prefer getting their presents on Christmas Eve!

This year is the start of something new.  My family has been rearranged.  My kids are with me today, and we will celebrate as we always have.  Tomorrow, they will go to be with their mom.  I wondered how this season would feel, considering what a perilous journey it has been through 2009.  I’m very pleased to find that the love and intimacy at the heart of Christmas has elevated us, despite the hardships and changes we’ve faced.

I’ve never been a single adult until now.  I got married right out of high school.  This is a whole new experience for me.  The rules at my age are not quite the same as what they might have been in my 20’s.  I’m 41 now.  I have children I adore.  I’m in a well-established career.  Almost everyone I know is married and raising kids.  I’m not really sure who to hang out with.  I’m not ready to date, but I am ready for friends.  I’m going to have to get the hang of bachelor life.

There is a lot in the air for me right now.  Things could work out well.  Things could work out poorly.  I’m anxiously looking for God’s grace in the new year.  For now, my eyes are wide open in wonder.  Just the possibility of the good way things could come out is amazing to me.  It looks as if God’s grace could pour down like a torrent. It remains to be seen.

Today, I celebrate the moment.  It’s a beautiful one.


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