Thankful On Thanksgiving

I said I’d continue the “Daily Ten” through Thanksgiving.  Here’s today’s list:

1. I take six prescriptions that were costing me a fortune, even with insurance.  My doctor switched five to generics and one to over-the-counter.  Picked up the four last night, and the last prescription today.  I am saving over a hundred dollars a month.  I didn’t know I had this option for these meds until I talked to my doctor.  It’s a huge help.  Thanks for leading me to it, Lord.

2. I have a neighbor who has given his time to help with home repairs on many occasions.  I stink with tools.  Found out today he’s going to be painting on Saturday.  It’s a nice opportunity for me to help him.  I’m glad to be able to give something back.  Thanks for that, Lord.

3. Found a Christmas present for my oldest daughter that I really didn’t expect to be able to get for her.  I’ve really wanted her to have it.  I found it for less than half the cost I expected. Woohoo!  Thanks, Lord!

4. In May, I was at the most extreme weight of my life.  Today, I’m down 89 pounds!  (My son currently weighs 95lbs!) Thank you, Lord, for helping me stay on that path.

5. A friend and I had discussed Alton Brown’s “Turkey Derrick” episode from Good Eats.  I hadn’t seen the episode, but saw a picture of the derrick online.  Total geekery!  I found the episode on YouTube watched it.  (Strangely, a search on yielded nothing…)  Awesome video!  I snapped a screenshot and nabbed the pict below.  Sent it out with a Happy Thanksgiving note to my geek friends.  Fun, Lord!  Thanks.

(This is particularly entertaining to me since there is a Bigfoot Museum in my town, and I know the guy who runs it.  I, myself, find Bigfoot more entertaining than intriguing.  I love the bandana and the fact that he’s holding an iced tea in this picture. 🙂 )

6. Mmmmmmm… pumpkin pie.  Thanks, God.

7. I am developing some ability to press through certain obligations I find uncomfortable, distractive, and socially demanding.  For example, I hate making phone calls.  In person, I’m reasonably social, but there are quirky things I just evade like a reflex.  It’s hard to change long time habits.  It may be that my feelings about those things won’t change, but, I’m thankful God is helping me face them.

8. Thanks, Lord, for getting word to a church near a family member in need, and for the help that was provided.

9. I got the idea to decorate the inside of the house with Christmas lights, instead of the outside, this year. Got some help from my son.  It will be a big surprise to my girls when they return on Sunday.  I love it.  Very joyful.  Thanks for this, Lord.

10. I really wondered if I could come up with ten things I was truly thankful for every day.  Turns out I can.  And it has improved my attitude.  It forces me to look for good things, instead of focusing on my problems all the time to the exclusion of all else.  It prompts me to take action on positive thoughts.  It forces me to look at the glass as half full.  Thanks for this great lesson, God.


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