Tuesday Thanksgiving

10. (From yesterday) Had a email exchange with a friend.  Part of that exchange seems right for a good post.  Thanks, Lord.  (I’ll post that after this one.)

Here’s 10 Thanks for Tuesday

1. I finished an important feature in the code I was working on, leaving things in a good place for the holiday break.  I thank God it went smoothly and I can rest a little easier.

2. I was warned about how long it takes to thaw a turkey.  Didn’t know that info.  Thanks for the notice, Lord.

3. I realized I have enough leeway to take care of a major need in the short term.   That takes a little pressure off.  Thanks for the Lord.

4. My son and I have a plan to replay Halo 3 from start to finish on Thanksgiving.  Should be fun.  Thanks, Lord.

5. I was glad to see a friend is healing well, after she tripped on pavement and really scraped up her face a few weeks ago.  I thank God she is recovering well.

6. I had a can of chicken soup for lunch.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  It’s just what I happened to have.  It tasted a lot better than I expected.  I was thankful.

7. I got to spend a few fun minutes playing with my youngest daughter, which I wasn’t expecting today.  Thanks, Lord.

8. My Uncle sent this picture to me in an email.  Really made me laugh.  I thank him for the laugh and thank God for having him send it.

9. A friend saw these posts on thankfulness and felt inspired to do his own list.  Nifty!  Thanks for blessing him, Lord.

10. Today is not over yet. 🙂  I’ll save this to see what else happens and post it tomorrow. (I’m going to post these lists through Thanksgiving.  After that, it’ll be between myself and God.)


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