Debtor’s Prison

Along with the banking system, the U.S. government, and the state of California, I’ve experienced a financial collapse this year.  Broke is a scary place to be.  Worse than being broke is being in serious debt.  And worse than that is having serious and rapidly growing debt with no sign of recovery.

I spend most of my time stressed out about money these days.  It holds me chained and captive.  I’m not alone.  The fall of the stock market this year washed away billions of dollars in investments; like a tidal wave carries away property into the sea.  Many people are hurting, especially the jobless and the retired.

I’m just trying to get my daughter through school and make ends meet.  Mounting credit card debt seems like Olypmus Mons to me, but $40K would ease my mind.  God has provided that kind of money to me before.  I’ve never had to beg… but boy I’d do it an second if I thought it would help!  And I really hate humiliation.

I am incredibly fortunate to be employed in a good job.  So far at least, none of my creditors have gone unpaid.  I’ve made late payments… but I’ve made them.  I don’t know how to turn this tide though.  One day soon the credit will end.  I despise using credit to begin with, but I’m taking advantage of it with a fool’s hope.  I believe I am making the right choices, as ludicrous as that may sound, but I fear the cost.  I feel trapped, whether I like it or not.  I’m depending on God to provide.  If he doesn’t, I’ll know I’ve chosen incorrectly.  My creditors will still get paid, but I’ll be living somewhere else.

“Once you hit a million [in debt], it feels kinda good. If I were $100,000 in debt, I’d be working my [rear] off, because I’d have a shot at paying it back. But a million, I mean, who’s kidding who?” – Paula Poundstone

I wonder if that’s true?


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